28 Feb 2017

February, not enough days in the month.

It's been a busy month. Or is it that I kept myself busy? There is a subtle difference. Whichever, there's been more than enough work to keep me happy.

My main art activity has been the making of an animated music promo for a musician friend of mine (above)  who I’ve worked with in the past.

I have continued to attend the Monday night life drawing sessions in town. It has been a good activity to get involved in. I don’t attempt to “make art” on these occasions, but rather develop and hone the practice of looking and drawing, mostly in short concentrated sketches.

Also this month I have been asked to write an article for Painter’s magazine, the same publication which has included me twice before. (See THIS POST and THIS POST). The subject I’ve been asked to write about is my series of oak paintings from last year, and for which I would receive a fee. This will be an interesting task indeed, especially as I don’t regard myself in any way as a landscape painter.