17 Dec 2012

Dull December days.


Apart from my blog(s) I do keep a written diary. However, as an experiment, I’ve started to make a video journal using small artworks for each day of the month.

 These December pieces for this month's video journal, are perhaps particularly solitary in nature, repeating the view from my studio window at passing times of the day.

 All artwork & text copyright Ian G Craig.

20 Oct 2012

Out of Season.



I made my annual trip to Skegness but, having now painted all I wanted to about the subject, and visiting the town so late out of season, it was maybe one visit too many. Sunny and quite warm, but more familiar than fun. Video of the day on Skegness Day Trip.


Regarding the tendons in my shoulder, I have discharged myself from physio. I shall continue with the exercises they prescribed, but it’s time for me to take full responsibility for the condition of my own body.

Above: One of my paintings, Colston Bassett Church (c.2009) SOLD from Christie’s Framers.

All artwork & text copyright Ian G Craig.

30 Jul 2012

Summer success.

 Below: I’m having a good season! Three paintings in an exhibition at Thoresby Courtyard Gallery:

 Below: One selected for the prestigious Patchings Gallery exhibition.


Below: Selected as Editor’s Choice for inclusion in Painters Online magazine. It makes no sense to me whatsoever, that Patchings Art Centre rejected this piece, and yet it is published as Editor's Choice in what is effectively their magazine. More about this artwork on THIS LINK.

Below: My work on public display (at their invitation), at Christie Frames:

Below: The Malt Cross Inn asked me if I would submit some scans of the sketches I did inside their venue, to be a part of their lottery / heritage bid. Some of these are now more than a couple of years old, so I do like it when they get their day in the sun:

 All text, pros, photos & artwork, copyright Ian Gordon Craig.

28 Jun 2012

Skegness revisited. "Skeggie Day"


 About six years ago I had an idea for a painting. It was about a girl on a deserted beach. I wrote about it on THIS LINK, but never made the painting I envisaged. Instead, I painted Tower Cinema, Skegness, and although I was very pleased with that result, I regret once again not sticking to my original idea. This month a friend agreed to pose for my original concept.

We had to cheat. Rather than traveling to the coast I got her to stand on a fence in Clumber Park, it presenting the right perspective of the figure against the sky. For the pier and the breakers, I had enough resources already from previous trips. After completing the painting I also wrote a poem about the day, but have decided to put the publication of that on reserve for another time.



All text, pros, photos & artwork, copyright Ian Gordon Craig.

30 Apr 2012

Back into the Sherwood.

 Last month’s renewed motivation continues with a walk every morning around the block, regular breaks in the studio, and a frozen pack of peas on my shoulder at the end of the day’s session. I also gently exercise to stretch the tendons. The only thing I don’t like about making art is when I have to stop. The only cure for the post-painting blues is to start the next one. At present I have two on the go, both continuing with the Sherwood Forest theme.

In both works I am wanting to express something about Time; The mangle and the farm equipment rusting away whilst the forest is sleeping, awaiting Spring.

You can see video of both works in progress on THIS LINK and THIS LINK.
 All artwork & text copyright Ian G Craig.

25 Feb 2012

Sketches, syringes, and a sunrise.

 High winds at the start of the year made it necessary to have my beautiful conifer cut down. I remember planting it in 1985 with a then girlfriend of mine. Sad to have had to lose it.

The tendons in my shoulder are still giving me trouble. The cortisone jabs did nothing to improve things, and I think I’m on my third physiotherapist. Nevertheless, if I’m careful with my posture I’m still able to make art.


I have actually finished my painting of Sherwood Forest Sunrise. I dread to think when it was actually started, originally as an acrylic painting. I abandoned it for months and painted over the entire tree section in black, thinking I might return to it one day and use a light-over-dark technique. The only thing that stopped me putting it in the bin was a small area of sky on the left which I always liked. But I’m now pleased with the final item. To see video of this painting in progress visit THIS LINK


Above: Whilst waiting for my date in The Lincolnshire Poacher, Nottingham, the above cat sat perched on a bar stool beside me. I'm not too fond of cats, but as I had my sketchbook with me, I ventured a quick sketch.

 All artwork & text copyright Ian G Craig.