27 Dec 2017

Sketchbook and new blog

 A few sketch book pieces before moving on to a new blog: Pudding for Afters. Just click on the link.


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20 Dec 2017

Put it on a Postcard 2



All text, pros, photos, & artwork, copyright Ian Gordon Craig.

21 Jun 2017

Summer Solstice

 There is something both sad and slightly disturbing about the Summer Solstice: Just as you thought the warm summer season had arrived at last, the longest day is nevertheless now over. Imperceptible at first, the sun has started taking its tiny backwards steps towards the far fence in my garden from whence it came last December.

All text, pros, poetry, photos & artwork, copyright Ian Gordon Craig.

5 May 2017

Rejected 2017.

Between 2007 and 2014 one gallery in particular hung at least one of my pieces in their annual exhibitions, published me twice in their magazine, as well as their “newsletter”, and extended many  RTs, Likes, Faves, and Comments etc., on social media. So when they then offered to pay me for an article about my recent series of 12 oak paintings I was obviously delighted. However, halfway through writing said article, they rejected those very same paintings from their latest exhibition. Go figure. Needless to say, said article followed their rejection slip into the recycle bin. This silly situation, where one person is saying yes and the other no, in the same gallery, cab be seen on THIS LINK.

All text, pros, poetry, photos & artwork, copyright Ian Gordon Craig.

29 Mar 2017

Time Marches on.

March went by so very quickly.

I’ve pretty much abandoned making serious paintings for a while at least. It seems pointless locking oneself away, working so hard on such canvases that, in the end, are shown to so few. The only lasting passion I have at present is drawing, from direct observation only. So, for the moment, sketchbooks are the order of the day.

All text, pros, poetry, photos & artwork, copyright Ian Gordon Craig.

28 Feb 2017

February, not enough days in the month.

It's been a busy month. Or is it that I kept myself busy? There is a subtle difference. Whichever, there's been more than enough work to keep me happy.

My main art activity has been the making of an animated music promo for a musician friend of mine who I’ve worked with in the past. Watch the finished video on THIS LINK.

I have continued to attend the Monday night life drawing sessions in town. I don’t attempt to “make art” on these occasions, but rather develop and hone the practice of looking and drawing, mostly in short concentrated sketches.

Also this month I have been asked to write an article for Painter Online magazine, the same publication which has included me twice before. (See THIS POST and THIS POST). The subject I’ve been asked to write about is my series of oak paintings from last year, and for which I would receive a fee. This will be an interesting task indeed, especially as I don’t regard myself in any way as a landscape painter.

 All text, pros, poetry, photos & artwork, copyright Ian Gordon Craig.

31 Jan 2017

Back to Life.

My first life drawing class since c.1973. I’ve drawn friends and girlfriends in the years since, but never taken part in a formal group session. So, I approached this “return to class” with some trepidation. For two reasons: Firstly, I’m not enthusiastic about making art in the company of others unless it is as part of a collaboration. Secondly, would I be any good? Would I measure up to the “competition”?

In the event I am well please with the outcome, and thoroughly enjoyed the intense three-hour experience, and the challenge it presented.

 All text, pros, poetry, photos & artwork, copyright Ian Gordon Craig.

30 Jan 2017

work in progress

Not sure where this one is going yet. Future posts may tell. (EDIT: Finshed painting can be seen on THIS LINK).

 All text, pros, poetry, photos & artwork, copyright Ian Gordon Craig.

12 Jan 2017

The Duke’s Graves.

The Pierrepont and Manvers graves, Perlethorpe Church, Thoresby Estate.

As a 1950’s child I was christened and Confirmed at the appropriate ages. Hence my links with the above location. An integral part of a Church of England village education was the Sunday school classes. To be honest, the only attraction of Sunday school for me was simply collecting the exquisitely illustrated attendance stamps, no doubt an early pictorial influence.

What actually brings me back to this site now is a deep interest in the history of the Dukeries and the Dukes who presided over them. I have made several on-location sketches of this aspect of the churchyard, with the Pierrepont / Manvers graves in the foreground. So I thought it time to look through these resources and make a final painting.

My intention was to avoid all sense of Gothic gloom or melodrama. This is a very peaceful, quiet place. The sunlight really does stream across from the South like that. The ducal gravestones adhere to a well-planned formation which must have been conceived centuries ago. A real sense of pride in their accomplishments lingers here, even though the subjects are long since gone. The most recent stone is that of Lady Manvers (third from right), her husband having been buried on that spot in 1955, she in 1984.

More information about Thoresby, Perlethorpe and the Dukeries can be found on THIS LINK.
More information about Lady Manvers on THIS LINK and THIS LINK.

All text, pros, poetry & artwork, copyright Ian Gordon Craig.