25 Feb 2012

Sketches, syringes, and a sunrise.

 High winds at the start of the year made it necessary to have my beautiful conifer cut down. I remember planting it in 1985 with a then girlfriend of mine. Sad to have had to lose it.

The tendons in my shoulder are still giving me trouble. The cortisone jabs did nothing to improve things, and I think I’m on my third physiotherapist. Nevertheless, if I’m careful with my posture I’m still able to make art.


I have actually finished my painting of Sherwood Forest Sunrise. I dread to think when it was actually started, originally as an acrylic painting. I abandoned it for months and painted over the entire tree section in black, thinking I might return to it one day and use a light-over-dark technique. The only thing that stopped me putting it in the bin was a small area of sky on the left which I always liked. But I’m now pleased with the final item. To see video of this painting in progress visit THIS LINK


Above: Whilst waiting for my date in The Lincolnshire Poacher, Nottingham, the above cat sat perched on a bar stool beside me. I'm not too fond of cats, but as I had my sketchbook with me, I ventured a quick sketch.

 All artwork & text copyright Ian G Craig.