25 Sept 2007

Cheese and Chalk.

 Cheese and Chalk.

I sit in silence
Whilst you always talk,
Defining the difference
Between cheeses and chalk.

 All text copyright ian g craig.

20 Sept 2007

Thoresby Gallery.


Thoresby Gallery had the ridiculous idea of using the end section of their gallery as a Salon des Refus├ęs. In mid-19th century France that term heralded a revolution in Art, here it's just an area where they've placed all the entries they've rejected. All of my submissions this year were rejected, one to be propped up on the carpet, one hung on the wall. If they are showing them in this manner, then they are surely accepted. It makes no sense to me.

All artwork & text copyright ian g craig.

13 Sept 2007

Love Poem for the Lone Ranger.

 Love Poem for the Lone Ranger.

Two small eyes from the blankets
With a much larger name,
Watch the flickering night candle
Of a Kelly Lamp flame.

Is your Daddy still working?
Do you look for his lights?
Does your Mommy sound restless
Downstairs in the night?

In a place known as somewhere
You can rest quite assured
There'll be safety in numbers
Chalked across a blackboard.

On a black and white TV
'neath the first satellite,
The Lonely Lone Ranger
Holds Tonto so tight.

 All text copyright ian g craig