27 Jul 2011

Summer’s over.

 Summer’s over.

On the pavement, scurrying by,
Cell phone myopia
Impedes the passage of those with a purpose.

Drowsy students clutch cans of Red Bull
Whilst the early bird catches the parking space,
And the showers pass.

A Blackbird points his beak skyward,
First East and then West,
Then ruffles his feathers knowingly.

A young mother takes her hands from the pushchair.
Her dishwasher nails reveal the dubious fortunes
Of a lottery scratch card.

A lone footballing teen on the street
Tests his testosterone levels
Against a neighbour’s garage door.

A man with miss-matched eyes,
Smoking jazz cigarettes,
Takes up permanent residence in the local bus stop.

With no fig rolls on the shelves,
And no mini pizzas in the freezer,
What's so cooperative about the Co-op?

This summer's happy days already seem
Like shiny display case memories, when
A train whistle blowing, made a happy noise.



All text and picture copyright ian g craig