30 Jun 2015


A “restless feeling that don’t mean no-one no good”, (Bob Dylan). That about sums up my month. Started preparing the house for inspection by an estate agent. See what its worth if I decide to sell and move.

Reading: Short stories by Scott Fitzgerald and Kafka. Phil Spector biog.
Watching: Hannibal T.V. series.
Listening: Stevie Wonder, Phil Spector.

21 Jun 2015

Hayride through Thoresby.

17th June: Finished an acrylic painting, “Thoresby Fields Forever”, based on a sketch I made in January of last year. I really like the sketch, but can never get the same feeling a second time around.

19th June. Thoresby Hayride: Didn’t think I’d make it on time, even though I set out early. Roads were blocked with Friday evening traffic. But I took the high ground route via Mapperly Plains, then on to the A614 and then, relying on my knowledge of where the speed traps are, put the pedal to the floor. Just made it.

I was disappointed the hay ride route didn’t go past Nelson’s Pyramid as it has in the past, but thrilled to see my old home The Woodyard, and delighted to spend some time afterwards in the Village Hall and bar, where I was surprised to see an old primary school photo on the wall.

It being impossible to hold a sketchbook steady on a trailor I made some sketches from the video I shot.
 Above: The original Duke's carriageway clearly visible through a line of Silver Birches.

Video of Thoresby Estate Hayride on THIS LINK.