30 Sep 2013

Exhibited, published, awarded.

After being included in an exhibition at Patchings Gallery, my painting “Along the A614” (see THIS LINK) was published in The Artist magazine as a result of winning the Clairefontaine Award. It was then also selected and shown in the Thoresby Gallery Open Exhibition.

 In search of new ideas I painted two quick self-portraits, and three experimental paintings in which I reinterpreted some of my own works from the past. The third of these was also a parody of a David Hockney piece.

Thoresby stepped back into my life to a small degree when I was invited to  attended a VIP buffet and lecture about the war years on the estate, as well as contribute my memories of Lady Manvers to the Nottingham Uni History Dept. A most enjoyable afternoon, and I was able to contribute / clarify some information the speaker was unsure of.