21 Oct 2016

October Oak. “When shall we three meet again?”

Macbeth? Or an unfulfilled bucket list (Threesomes)?

The Halloween connection with October had me considering making “October Oak”, the penultimate painting in my series of twelve, a more sinister, "witchy" piece. But it wouldn’t have matched the rest of the series that way, and so I settled instead for the season’s autumn shades, leaves falling, and the darker nights advancing.

There will be lengthening shadows, Goose Fair doughnuts to be eaten, pavement leaves to be kicked and conkers to be picked. And just one more painting to be painted to complete the series.

 You can watch a work in progress video of October Oak on THIS LINK.

 Went to see the Billy Fury Story at the theatre. I’ve idolized Billy Fury since my Big Sister took me to see Play It Cool at the cinema back in 1962, so I was really looking forward to it. Big disappointment. The singer and band were probably older than Billy Fury ever got to be, and certainly carry more weight. I’ll bet this show would have been great to see back in the days of the smaller working men’s clubs or similar, and when the cast were younger.