30 Jul 2013

The white heat has gone from the iron.

Currently reading Scott Fitzgerald's The Beautiful and the Damned. “The white heat has gone from the iron and the glow from the coal”. This month's sketchbook journal reflected the mood.

In spite of the award, in spite of being exhibited, I'm actually bored with painting. My work was more imaginative when my technique was poorer. But you had to look close to see that. What made it to the gallery wall was never the full story. Sometimes it sold. Always it kept me company. But now? I need something new. Is it too late to change my career options?

Sketching on Robin Hood’s Hill, and also went to Skegness for my annual day trip.

Sat on the Grass.

Like Winston and Julia
Underneath the tree,
That wasn't her,
And it wasn't me.

(Ian G Craig)