9 May 2018

And the rejections just keep on coming.

So much for my exhibition plans for 2018. As already stated elsewhere, two galleries in particular I wanted to have a go at are not doing an “Open” this year, and a third is dubious. That left the Royal Academy (rejected, see THIS LINK), and Patchings, who have rejected me again.

I post here details of expenses incurred for my own personal records and those who wish to know more about such things. As always, I have no regrets about spending the money. However, it’s clearly not a pursuit I see much sense in pursuing in the future.


View from the Hill (limited edition digital print).
Pub Cat (limited edition digital print).


Printing: £5.08 x 2 + 20% VAT = £12.192.
Framing: £44.17 + £37.37 + 20% VAT = £97.848.
Entry Fee: £18.