31 Jan 2018

"Dawn" (Piper at the Gates of).

My interest in making an image by drawing each element individually before assembling them in Photoshop, began when making video frames for an animated piece on Goose Fair. Collage is not the same. My process here is more akin to recording a piece of contemporary music. Each part can be individually edited, repositioned, re-scaled, even deleted, leaving decisions about a final "mix" until the very last moment.

In the early stages of this piece I envisaged using half-tone for the shadows, but I am reluctant to use anything from the internet not of my own making. As an alternative I came up with the idea of scanning pages from a previous long-hand journal of mine, and using the written words as “tone”. This literally added a more personal ingredient to the composition.

The statue is from a study I made in the grounds of Newstead Abbey. Casual observers there assume it must be the devil, but of course it is not. Hence “Dawn”.