10 Jan 2018

Clockwork Mary and the Stone Circle 5.

In December 2017 I had thought this oil painting finished, and posted it on the internet accordingly. However, seeing it across from my bed every morning during my waking hour, it became evident the technique by which certain elements were depicted was less than acceptable. So I returned to it this month, repainted much of the lower section, and now consider it a 2018 piece.

It may seem like a big departure from the recurrent forest paintings of recent years, but the process here can be found throughout my portfolio: The collage style approach of assembling images with no regard for perspectives, a method often used in my late 1980s / early 1990s work, and the origami details (here on the butterfly), from music videos I made c.2009. Also present is a part of the Nine Ladies Stone Circle, Matlock, which I painted in 2006, not to mention a polka dot mini-dress I encountered in that same town a couple of decades previous. You can see the start of the above painting on THIS LINK.

EDIT: Before re-painting the lower portion of the above piece I made a second version by scanning the preparatory drawings into Photoshop and re-arranging them. My original intention was to have much more white space, and so this second version in my opinion was much more successful: