15 Jan 2018

All in good time.

 I usually plan on a painting taking two or three weeks to complete; a time scale born of necessity during the years I was a full time teacher relying on the school holidays in which to concentrate on my own art.

Thoresby Hall was probably one canvas too many of my Thoresby Estate themed paintings, and obviously inspired by my childhood there. I started it in the late 1990’s. As the painting progressed my enthusiasm diminished and, never sure of what to do with the bottom right hand corner, it was soon abandoned.

The rectangles in the composition were a probable result of my video making with a group of students in the 90's. It was all about what was in the viewfinder. Indeed, during that pre-Internet time, my sole reason for buying a computer was to edit said videos. Strange to think now that back then even the video camera had to be rented.

The rectangles also provided a way of putting a sense of time-lapse into the picture, something I’d been doing years previous when depicting the Primary School on Thoresby Estate.

During these recent weeks of January 2018, strolling around Thoresby, I noticed for the very first time how profuse the growth of mistletoe is on the uppermost branches of those trees nearest the Hall and the River Meden.

There was my solution. After c.18 years I finished the painting.