30 Jan 2017

In anticipation.


- what is was intended to be the first of three paintings inspired by Christopher Bookers’ “The Neophiliacs” and his “five stages of fantasy” therein. Shown here is “Anticipation”. It’s not working, but I shall probably continue with it for my own amusement.


- all the Ian Fleming James Bond novels in sequence. They’re a quick, easy, well-crafted indulgence at bedtime. (I first read them all when I was about 14).


- or rather am not. “My intended novel” is on indefinite hold. Although pleased with progress so far, I have growing reservations about the project, based as it is on actual events from my life. Do you know how you sometimes remember someone or some past event from how they are depicted in a subsequent photograph or video? I hate that happening, and I don’t want to end up recalling my fictionalized version over the real thing. Also, even using the happiest times as source material can be rather a morose process. Therefore, for the time being, I’ve written my actual autobiography across five blogs, preserving all the information and inspiration I need for if and when I decide to return to “my intended novel”.