23 Apr 2016

April Oak. It looks like showers.

April Oak is the 5th in a series of 12 planned acrylic paintings featuring  a selection of oak trees from along the path which leads to Robin Hood’s tree (the Major Oak), Edwinstowe. These were intended as a side project, whilst working on a series of larger, more contemporary, autobiographical paintings. However, the latter didn’t work out (see below), and I shall be returning to them in due course. But I am pleased with the oaks, and the idea of making 12 paintings all adhering to a common theme, composition, size, and materials. I like having defined parameters to work within.

April Oak proved tricky. It is too early in the month to see any significant foliage on the trees, but look close and you can see blue bells amidst the bracken. I wanted to capture that moment on an otherwise sunny afternoon when one anticipates April showers. Being no stranger to the rain falling on my parade, I think I pulled it off.

You can watch a video of April Oak in progress on THIS LINK.

Above: The abandoned painting based on the first chapters of my intended book. It doesn’t work, but I shall return to the idea in a more suitable medium.

Reading: 1960s Marvel comic collections.
Watching: Gotham, Walking Dead, The Americans, Vikings, Bates Motel, American Horror Stories, Vinyl, all TV series.