22 Mar 2016

March Oak. Not yet the greens of Spring.

I have no Umbers or Siennas in my palette. I binned them long ago in an effort to improve and liven up my colours. Nevertheless, I thought the colours for “March Oak” (below) should address those more subdued shades as the month sees the green hues of Winter tree trunks take on a browner aspect. My chosen oak tree for this month, shaped in part by the strong winds of March, continues to reflect the demise of Sherwood Forest. There are no fresh buds on the branches anticipating the coming Spring. True enough for me to.

A bit of a shock this month. I took a drive over to Thoresby gallery. It has rather sentimental links for me, being a short walk from the primary school where I first had a painting go up on the wall as a child, and the one in which I first managed to get a piece exhibited after leaving teaching c.2006. Nothing on their website or Twitter page prepared me for what I encountered as I stepped through the door. An empty, bare stone-walled room. The art gallery as I knew it, and the people I once met there, all gone.

Video documenting this painting in progress can be seen on THIS LINK.

Copyright Ian G Craig.