29 Dec 2015

December Oak. Making a list, checking it twice.

In my long-hand journal entry for June of this year I set myself two objectives: First, to move house by the end of the year; second, to put all serious artwork on hold until that had been fulfilled. However, after four months of paperwork chasing the bungalow of my choice, here I am still inside number 35, and, apart from some small sketches on Twitter (above), this has been the most inactive year of my entire life. So this month, amidst the packing case contents of my current life style, I decided to break the lethargic spell I’ve been under for far too long, and embark on the next project:
My intended novel (with a series of contemporary paintings relating to that novel), and a supplementary series of smaller paintings (one per month) based on the oaks of Sherwood Forest.

The reason the dark evenings of late 2015 failed to have their usual depressing effect on my mood can only be because the entire year has already felt that way from the start. However, this December my spirits lifted, bringing about a much more positive change in attitude. Why this should be I have no idea. It was hardly a “good news” month considering my failed attempt to move house, plus the very sad news about two former friends, and the stress of Christmas obligations. Nevertheless, even though my personal space is quite empty, the lights came back on.

"December Oak". Acrylics on 31cm x 41cm board. I’m really pleased the result because my natural drawing style is apparent in the painting technique. I'm also liking acrylic paint. They dry so fast they allow one to work without pause.

Video documenting this painting in progress can be seen on THIS LINK.