28 Dec 2015

...and it's my birthday.

 Had to withdraw from the house purchase, couldn’t get a date for exchanging keys / signing contracts. I’m not willing to put a deposit down without knowing when its mine, otherwise they could keep my money for years, or even go bust in the current economic climate. Bugger.

Sad news from an old flatmate of mine from Liverpool days. Our fellow flatmate, Bob, is suffering from advanced dementia. Terrible news. I wrote a post about him not long ago. (THIS LINK).

Further bad news came via a visit from an ex-colleague of mine from when I was a teacher. My head of department from those times has died of cancer. I attended the funeral.

As December came to a close I felt better about not getting the property I’d set my sights on. I can see in retrospect how isolated that location could have been. Also, I've started painting again.

Reading: Short stories.
Listening: Bob Dylan’s Radio Hour.
Watching: A different black and white 1930s / 40s horror movie most nights.