28 Sep 2015

Waking up house hunting.

 I feel I’ve been in hibernation (in summer?) and I’m waking up.

8th: Seriously engaged with the property hunt. Viewed two properties, and made an offer on the second.
15th: My offer has been accepted.
19th: Filling out paperwork for the purchase. Emptying out my house of all I don’t want to take with me. Putting all creative work on hold ‘til I’m under a new roof.
28th: Made a 20 minute video using footage, recordings and photos made in this house from 1982 – 2015. It’s called “goodbye 35” for obvious reasons and can be seen on THIS LINK.

Reading: Scott Fitzgerald short stories and ghost stories.
Listening: Fleetwood Mac.
Watching: Hunted TV series, Nashville TV series, and Luthor TV series.