30 Nov 2013

No new ideas in November.

It is also the final month of my page-a- day sketchbook journal project which started back in December, 2012.

The daily process of selecting, drawing (sometimes filming), was intended to help gather my thoughts regarding exactly how I want to proceed with my art / writing, instead of simply stumbling into whatever comes along next.The motivation to produce and post on Twitter, at least one drawing every day has been a most positive factor. It's a good platform for experimenting with ideas away from the precious surface of expensive canvases.

Exactly what I do next is still unclear, but I continue sketching, gathering resources, making trips such as this month’s visits to Blidworth Wood and Rufford Abbey in order to do so.

Went to the opening night of a Paul Wapplington exhibition at Nottingham Castle. I remember seeing an exhibition of his years ago in a very small local gallery. That gallery, much like the industrial subject matter in many of his paintings, is now a thing of the past. But I remember it well, snacking for the first time in my life on the caviar. It was nice being able to share that memory with the painter himself.