30 Oct 2013

Out of bounds.

In the distant past, if I was having a bit of a difficult time, I used to say to myself “Just get me as far as December. Just get me to Christmas”. October has been a little bit like that.

This month the Twitter collaboration amongst my art followers was #printoctober. My results were poor. I think good equipment is necessary to get good prints. So, after a few attempts, I abandoned printing and joined in with #thedailysketch instead.

One constant source of enjoyment and adventure these past few years has been my Thoresby and Dukeries blogs. My recent contact with Thoresby Courtyard, when I raised the issue of the World War 2 “tank dip” on the estate (later on an open-air swimming pool), led me to wondering if it was still there, so I went in search.

Secretly striving my way through unkempt branches and brambles, becoming increasingly aware of how “boggy” and potentially dangerous that part of the estate can be, it being the location of underground streams, I located the spot. It is now totally planted over, but one can make out its rectangular shape, as if the pool had simply been filled in with soil and planted over rather than demolished.

Later in the day I went trespassing further on the other side of the estate, near Ollerton roundabout, searching for the remains of Beech Avenue. Once again, it is now almost indiscernible in the overgrown birches and brambles, but it felt good to be amongst those sites once again.
Later in the month, after spending a day in the city I made a quick acrylic painting of the Malt Cross interior. As a consequence of seeing it on Twitter, they contacted me for a copy, adding this to other similar pieces of mine they have in their archive since collecting them as part of their heritage / lottery fund bid.