30 Jun 2013

On my selfie in june.

Summer failed to arrive on time. Inside, away from the rain, I painted a quick self-portrait instead of making the usual series of (almost) one-a-day sketches. Acrylics on stretched paper, so not intended to be anything too permanent. However, I do like the result. The background music to this month’s vlog is a song I wrote and recorded c.2004: "Do you ever think twice at the pages in your life leading nowhere".

You can watch my vlog for June on THIS LINK.

Whilst my painting “Along the A614” is hanging on a wall in Patchings Gallery I received news that I've been chosen for the Claire-Fontaine award. £100 of art materials.

Went to the cinema to see “Behind the Candelabra". Thoroughly enjoyed it. Also intending to read all Scott Fitzgerald novels in sequence. (Of course I’ve read several of them before back in student times).